The Future of Business

The Data Marketing Conference was the ideal blend of art + science, bringing together today’s leaders of the digital marketing industry. From Twitter’s Head of Research Alyson Gausby’s talk on “Leading with Insight” to CBC’s Head of Digital Richard Kanee’s perspective on the massive shift being embraced. Combining technology with creativity and business intelligence in revolutionary new ways filled the summit with excitement. A common theme was the power of content marketing proven to be 62% more cost effective than traditional media while producing the greatest return on investment. Guests heard from Jon Akerman Director of Marketing for nonprofit Movember Foundation which raised nearly $21 million in just 30 days. Justin Bastedo Brand Strategy Manager of BuzzFeed Canada, Adam Francis Director Brand Marketing at Expedia as well as Dan Fricker Social Media Lead with Shopify were also in attendance at the Toronto event.

McDonald’s Digital Social Media Manager Rachel Hariri provided insight into McDonald’s “Our Food, Your Questions.” campaign which redefined transparency and produced a 5% increase in global sales, but more importantly started conversations that instilled trust and loyalty back into the brand. Panel discussions and brainstorming sessions brought the who’s who of Canadian digital innovation. Keynote speaker, Co-Founder & CEO of emerging platform company Pressly Inc. Jeff Brenner and Kevin Melbourne CEO of Global branded content agency Melbourne Studios photographed discussing the success of their collaborative efforts and celebrated partnership proceeding Mr. Brenner’s inspiring talk “Thinking Together”. The power of art + science simply can’t be denied… this is the future of business. 

The business world has already changed at its core level with big data becoming an extremely valuable asset. Having the ability to identify shifting trends is becoming more prevalent than ever. Here’s some interesting facts for every business leader today.

1. More words tweeted in the next 2 years than have ever been printed in books, in the entire history of the human race.

2. Within the next 5 years there will be over 50 billion smart devices connected, collecting, analyzing and sharing data.

3. Retailers that leverage data in their marketing could expect to see increases of 60%+

4. Over 1 billion people used Facebook in a single day in August 2015.

5. 75% of photos today are taken with a smart phone.

6. Currently less than 0.5% of data is ever used or analyzed.

7. Some of the fastest companies to reach $1 billion have done so by integrating an open source collaborative model.

The times have changed so today everything is a remix. All the notes have all been written, the instruments around for years, but how we blend them present opportunities for brands to create new stories and engage with their customers. No one wants to be directly marketed to, so traditional advertising people need to take off their marketing hats and put on a consumer hat. What does your customer want? What can you give them that adds value to the experience, product or service your company offers?

The success of Johnson & Johnson’s online Baby Center is a perfect example of how helping Mom’s find tips and techniques specifically for Mom’s is really making a significant difference. It’s no wonder why this approach has been such a massive success for the company… now just think about the amount of data that is likely being collected, and the impact that data can have on enhancing and evolving the brands social, digital and content marketing strategies even further. 

Every company is the sum of its people and every person has 2 ears and 1 mouth so it’s time for brands to start using both in this precise proportion. Thanks to technology, we can accurately listen to customers in real-time from almost anywhere in the world. If you’re uncertain about what your customers want or what you can do to add value then it’s time to start analyzing the data, or simply ask them.

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